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CoDA E-Meditation, Oct. 12, 2014

Am I…?

It’s a big question for us… am I codependent? What does it mean?  Or do I just happen to be surrounded by a bunch of idiots behaving badly?

Sometimes having a name for a problem can feel helpful; you know what you’re dealing with. It helps you move forward.
But it’s human nature to balk at labeling ourselves with a word could denote “DAMAGED GOODS.” 

FYI, the term “Codependent” was originally coined to describe people from alcoholic families.  Alcoholics and other addicts were thought to be “chemically dependent,” so
the significant others were described as “co-dependent.” I agree, not the greatest description, but it has stuck.

It seems that in 2014, our understanding of codependency has deepened.  Although it is not in the DSM (diagnostic manual of mental disorders) the therapeutic community generally
recognizes codependency as a most deeply rooted set of patterns that hold people back from experiencing truly
loving and intimate relationships. It could be accurately described as “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places” — and the core of many other addictions.

Whether we refer to ourselves as “codependent” or “a person recovering from codependence,” we all had to start somewhere,
and that was usually looking into the mirror of Patterns and Characteristics and seeing ourselves there.

In that light, we have made a new, humorous video called “The Cosmo-style CoDA Quiz” which is now on our website and the CodaOmahaYoutube channel.
 (Did you even know we had a Youtube channel?  We do.)

This video was unveiled at our fantastic Roundup last month, and created by Chris C. and animated by Lynn S.
Though we have purposely presented the information in a playfully exaggerated way, through humor, we hope to take away some of the stigma that might be keeping people away.

Here is the link:

Feel free to share it with whomever you think might enjoy it.

Peace and love,
Lynn S. and the CoDA Board